Friday, February 22, 2013

Two Awesome Postcards

My most recent trip to my favorite antique store held a really interesting new selection of vintage postcards. Quickly, I snatched up several that caught my eye and had the hardest time narrowing down my handful. In the end I left with two.

This first one caught my eye because of the lovely colors and the warning message.

It reads:
I heard what made you so poor, was staying out nights. Was quite surprise[sic] for you never did. I did not get home from Machias – will Sunday night, had a fine time, so will answer your letter as soon as I can. Just hate to go to school again but suppose I will have to go. Got one of Jim’s pictures, those that he had taken down to Bar Harbor that day, did he send you one? So if you don’t want to be poor don’t stay out nights. (ahum)
Aug. 22, 1910

To me the message has a rather cheeky feel to it. I have no idea who LMR is, but I have a feeling it's a schoolmate of Mr. Fremont Bragdon who happens to know a lot about what his buddy is doing up at the Belmont Hotel in Bar Harbor, Maine.

A quick Google search of the the Belmont Hotel brought up this postcard from 1910. Sadly the hotel burned down in 1947.

Belmont Hotel, Bar Harbor, ca. 1910

The second postcard that I bought mostly for the photograph on the front. I thought it was a sweet sentiment and the forest-y backdrop reminded me of home.

For some reason I've been having the hardest time making out the handwriting on the reverse side! I can't seem to work out a message that makes any sense. I'll keep working at it, but if anyone out feels like taking a crack at the handwriting, be my guest!!