Thursday, January 3, 2013

December 31 - 2012

The last picture of my photo-a-day challenge for this month. It's bittersweet.

My prompt for today was "2012". I shot the sun as it went down on the last day of the year. I was lucky that the clouds were out of the way enough for me to be able to capture the orange glow.

As I look back on the past four weeks, I had a lot of fun. I think I met my goal of improvement, particularly in the use of light and exposure times. I also learned a lot more about my camera and am now able to use "manual" mode exclusively. I went over my fifty-frame limit a couple times, but I got back on track right away.

That being said, there are definitely thing I would do differently next time. For one, I would make sure to get them posted online on time so I don't have a huge backlog to catch up on. Trust me, I did take them on the right days, I just didn't ever load the memory card on to my computer. Haha. Also, I would try to plan ahead more so I wasn't left scrambling to get my shot at the last hour.

Thanks to those who followed my progress and I wish you all a happy new year.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, back to our regularly-scheduled programming.

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