Saturday, September 8, 2012

Thirteen Confessions

Four months.

It's been almost four months since I last made a blog post and I sincerely apologize. Getting back into writing posts, I thought I'd start with this:
Inspired by this website: bookfessions, I drew up a list of thirteen of my own confessions.
1.       In high school I carried my purse around not to look cool but so I could keep it on my desk and read behind it during lectures.

2.       My bookshelves are so full they are actually beginning to collapse.

3.       The largest number of books I’ve bought at one time is 83.

4.       Most of my books I’ve bought for a dollar or less.

5.       I don’t like reading the summaries on the cover flap or the back for fear that the plot will be ruined for me. I don’t like it when I see things coming.

6.       When I go shopping with people, I bring a book. I read it while I’m waiting on others in the changing rooms.

7.       I once borrowed by best friend’s copy of Pride and Prejudice in middle school and accidentally ripped the back cover in half. I felt so guilty for damaging it I told her I had lost it and bought her a new copy instead. She still doesn’t know the real reason.

8.       I memorized my fourteen-digit library card number years ago.

9.       One of the things I hate most is finding a typo in a book.

10.   In tenth grade my English classroom was across the hall from the library. During the five-minute passing periods I would run to class to have enough time to check out a new book and get to my seat in time.

11.   My favorite books are the ones with a unique history behind them.

12.   My cousin told me she wants to have as many books as I do some day. I hope she does; I think it’s awesome.
13. When I was little I often got in trouble for staying up late reading instead of adhering to "lights out" times.

What are yours?

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